Mon - Sun, PH 11:00 - 22:00

Mon - Sun, PH 11:00 - 21:00

NAMCO is an energetic Japanese Game Center that would like to serve as a safe and secure play space and hopes that customers can be amused and pleased by its high-quality services and trendy premiums. DOCODOCO integrates the latest digital technology to a create amusement facility that can experience big adventures!

The largest NAMCO in Hong Kong & the most advanced indoor digital playground for children from Japan!

NAMCO The LOHAS is the first NAMCO branch with an area more than 10,000 square feet.

Whether you visit with your couple or family members together, you will never feel crowded. There are varieties of exclusive models in the store, including the first “Gemini Ice” that can “snap” ice cream, and “Dream Castle 2” that can “push” drinks. It will be the best place for dating, having fun and share family fun!

DOCODOCO The LOHAS makes use of the latest digital technology to create immediate and true responses to children.

It is like being in a fantasy adventure, providing new experience for trendy parents, stimulating imagination and creating exclusive parent-child time!